Frequently Asked Questions

I did not obtain a grade of 67% in ECO 100Y? What are my options now?

(a) If your final grade was 63% or higher, then a cumulative GPA of 2.50 will be accepted for admission to all 200-level ECO courses except ECO 206Y, ECO 208Y, and ECO 227Y.

(b) ECO 100Y may be repeated once, to obtain the necessary pre-requisite for further study in Economics. It will be designated as an "extra" course, and the grade will not be averaged into your GPA, but it will appear on your transcript. Your original grade (ie. the first time you took the course) will remain on your transcript, and will be included in your GPA.


Which math course is required for UTM Economics Programs?

The following courses are acceptable:

MAT 133Y/134Y/135Y/137Y (UTM)

Students interested in the ECO Specialist should also take MAT 223H -- Linear Algebra.


I managed to get 63% in ECO 100Y, 63% in MGT 120H and I passed my math course. My GPA was not high enough for Commerce. What should I do now?

Students in this very common situation enroll in the ECO Major in their second year, and take ECO 200Y, ECO 202Y, and ECO 220Y. The student then applies to Commerce again during the application period of that session. If the CGPA required for the Commerce program is reached then all ECO courses completed are applied to the Commerce Program. The student should remain enrolled in the Economics Major and add the Commerce and Finance Specialist program. Students requiring more information should consult the Commerce Academic Counsellor, Mary Wellman.


I took STA 220H in first year. I see that it is listed as an exclusion for ECO 220Y which is required in second year. Do I still have to take ECO 220Y?

An exclusion is not necessarily an equivalent course. Students who have taken STA 220H in first year can take ECO 220Y in second year, then STA 220H becomes designated as an "extra" course. However, if both STA 220H and STA 221H were completed then students should take STA 257H (UTM) or STA 255H (St. George) to serve as the statistics pre-requisite for upper level ECO courses. STA 220H + 221H alone may NOT be substituted for the Economics Statistics component required in any Economics program.

If you need clarification on this, please see the Economics Counsellor.


What happens if I have taken one of the courses listed as an exclusion for ECO 220Y and ECO 227Y?

In an Economics Specialist program, in lieu of ECO 227Y we will also accept STA 257H5/256H5 and STA261H5/250H5. In an Economics Major program, in lieu of ECO 220Y, we will also accept any of the following (note that all the courses in a particular line must have been taken):

1. STA 220H55, 221H5, 257H1/257H5/256H5
2. STA 250H1, 257H5/256H5
3. STA 257H5/256H5, 261H5/260H5

We will not accept any statistics course from BIO/PSY/SOC in an Economics program. If you have already taken a course from one of these disciplines that is an exclusion for ECO 220Y/227Y then you must take ECO 220Y or ECO 227Y as an "extra" course.


The Commerce and Finance Specialist and the Economics Major programs require 2.0 ECO courses at the 300 level. Can these be any 300 level courses?

Students must do at least one 300 level course that has two of the following pre-requisites: ECO 200Y/204Y/206Y, ECO 202Y/208Y/209Y, ECO 220Y/227Y/(STA 250H, 257H)/(STA 257H, 261H). This means no more than 1.0 may be a course in Economic History.


The International Affairs Program requires 4.0 language courses. Which courses are available to a student in this program?

Students may also enrol in St. George language courses but this must first be approved by Professor Gordon Anderson, the Faculty Counsellor, or the Economics Academic Councellor. Four courses must be taken in the same discipline so that a certain level of fluency is reached by fourth year. It is highly recommended that if the department offers a business course that this be one of the courses selected.


I do not have the pre-requisite for an ECO course, can I still take that course?

Pre-requisites are strictly enforced! You must have completed the prerequisite before taking a course. In some cases you may consult the course instructor for permission to take the course. The best approach is to send a detailed email to the instructor indicating what your academic background is. If the instructor gives you permission to take the course, then you must forward this in writing to the Economics Counsellor. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the course even after classes have begun. There is no guarantee that you will be reinstated into the course. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Department receives all the required documentation.

Attention transfer students! Students admitted to the University with transfer credits must bring in their transfer credit assessment and transcript to the Economics Counsellor before registering for courses. You may be removed from registered courses unless you provide documentation of pre-requisite courses completed from another academic institution.


Can I use ECO 205Y5 as a pre-requisite for any courses?

This particular course is restricted to students in the Management Programs and cannot be used as a pre-requisite for any further Economics courses. 

Can I take a course for CR/NCR and count it towards an ECO program?

No, never. Please consult the Academic Calendar.

By default, "cannot be used to satisfy subject POSt requirements unless explicitly permitted by the program" and to be as clear as possible, the Economics Department does permit CR courses to count towards the ECO requirements in any ECO program. CR courses are specifically intended for courses outside a student's program. If you have mistakenly taken an ECO course for CR, it still will not count. Please consult your registrar about reversing the CR status, or you will have to take another course.

I missed a test. What do I do now?

Students who miss a test due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g. illness or accident) can request that the department grant them special consideration. You must present your case to the department by first completing an online Special Consideration Request and following up by submitting the appropriate supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificate, accident report) to Amber Shoebridge in KN 3274, or leaving in the drop-box located outside KN 3274.