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ROI From Your Econ Degree In Today's Economy (UEC x UTM Economics: Panel & Networking Event)

  • Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2024
  • Time: 6-8pm
  • Location: MN3230 (CDRS - Large Collaborative Space)


Panel and Networking Event

Past Events

UEC Case Competition

The Policy Summit was a tri-campus U of T macroeconomics case competition in which students were required to analyze the impact of crisis management policies on the global economy. This competition, which took place on October 23, 2021, provided an opportunity for undergraduate students to hone their research skills and establish themselves as diplomats. Furthermore, the competition provided students with an experiential learning experience in which participants acted as government policymakers, assisting them in developing strong argumentative and decision-making skills. UEC helped to prepare students for this competition by organizing an information session and a workshop to assist them in developing their public speaking and presentation skills. UEC also introduced students to the case competition structures.

On the day of the competition, we opened up with a keynote speaker. Following the keynote speaker, two crises were announced and team members were given 40 minutes to collaborate and create a presentation outlining their thought process for each crisis. Each team had approximately 3-5 minutes to present their presentation, which was followed by feedback from the distinguished panel of judges. Afterwards, we held an exclusive awards ceremony to recognize the top three presentations. The winners were as follows:

First Place: 

  • Harsh Makhecha
  • Tsz Ching CHENG
  • Nilesh Goburdhun
  • Ruyi Xu

Second Place:

  • Shashin Poddar
  • Vanshika 
  • Tarik

 Third Place: 

  • Reshad Mubtasim-Fuad
  • Nafees Hossain

Screenshot of Microsoft Team virtual meeting, with attendees
The Clubs Conference event was one of UTM's largest club collaborations.

UEC Clubs Conference event

On September 30, 2021, the Undergraduate Economics Council (UEC) hosted the Clubs Conference event. The conference was one of UTM's largest club collaborations. The event was notable because 13 different UTM clubs, including the UTMSU, CSE, and IEC, participated. Each club gave a brief introduction about themselves before inviting students into breakout rooms for a more personally tailored and in-depth interactive session where they discussed their club objectives and responded to any questions or concerns. Many first-year and senior students took this as an opportunity to learn about the benefits and advantages that clubs and societies can offer, as well as how to be an active member of the UTM society. UEC, UTMSU, CSE, IEC, Laissez-Faire, UTMPLO, SAGE, UTMCM, UTMMC, DECA, IBA, DBL, UTMPSLA are among the clubs involved.