What is Expected of U of T and the Course Director?

The University of Toronto is responsible for the cost and administration of insurance coverage for students involved in practical work as a component of their coursework. Students who are working for an organization which has Workers Compensation Board coverage for their own employees are eligible for WCB coverage, handled by the University through the workplace-education agreement with the Ministry of Education and Training. Students who are completing their internship at an organization which does not provide WCB coverage for their own employees are still covered under the University’s comprehensive liability policy, through ITT Hartford. U of T will provide workplace-education agreement forms to be signed by the employer, the student, and the course director.

Additionally, the role of the faculty member will be to coordinate course activities. This includes arranging internship placements for each student with the student of the internship coordinator. Efforts will be made to place students in workplaces that are appropriate to their backgrounds, interests, and experience. The faculty member is also expected to monitor the student’s progress and to act as a mediator between the student and the employer, in case any problems arise. At the end of the school year, it will be the faculty member’s responsibility to gather all of the components of the course assessment and provide a course mark for the student.