Economics Programs

Economics programs are "TYPE 2" and therefore require specific courses with minimum grades, and at least 4.0 credits completed for entry.  Some programs require a minimum CGPA for entry. Check out the Advising Videos for more information on program entry.

Students should always consult the current Academic Calendar and check entry requirements carefully.

Minimum grades are indicated in the Academic Calendar in brackets after a course code. For example, ECO101H5 (63%) means the course ECO101H5 is required, with a minimum final grade of 63%. There are no exceptions to minimum grade requirements in Economics programs.


Certificate in Advanced Economics

The Certificate in Advanced Economics is open to students who seek a more formal and deeper analysis of economic models and their application. The requirements include core advanced courses in the three main fields of economics: microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics which will help prepare students for graduate and professional studies as well as provide valuable applicable skills for future careers. Completion of 2.0 credits with an average grade of 65% or higher from the following list of courses: ECO325H5, ECO326H5, ECO375H5, ECO475H5. Students can request the Certificate on ACORN after completion of the first credit, up to the time they request Graduation. For more information, click here or contact the Undergraduate Economics Advisor,

Program Plans

At UTM there is a wealth of opportunities to experience! Program Plans are a quick and accessible overview of the many academic and co-curricular opportunities available to help you get the most out of your UTM experience. We know the choices can be overwhelming, so we've packaged these opportunities into plans that cater to your specific major/specialist program. Make sure to review all the Program Plans that interest you because some suggestions will be specific to a particular year of a program, while others may apply to any year. Developing skills and gaining experience is cumulative – it all counts and adds up to building a foundation of skills and knowledge to use in courses, work and planning for your future. When you are ready, you can tailor your very own plan using the My Program Plan tool to incorporate suggestions from all the Program Plans that apply to you, as well as other opportunities that you may encounter.