What Does U of T Expect of the Student?

The student is expected to fulfill a 200-hour work commitment, according to a schedule mutually accepted by the student and the employer. If the 200-hour commitment is not fulfilled, the "employer assessment" portion of the course mark will be withheld. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the workplace. Every effort will be made to accommodate students’ needs with regard to the work location, but there are no guarantees.

Students’ work will be monitored by the course director through phone calls, email, periodic meetings, and, if necessary, site visits. As part of the monitoring process, the student is asked to submit a work activity log, in which a record is kept of dates, times, and places of work, and activities undertaken. Students are expected to attend all course meetings. The main content of the course consists of the work carried out in the internship; however, five short assignments related to the practical sessions will also be required. At the end of the school year, submission of the final written report and oral presentation will complete the course requirements.

Students are sent to ECO400Y internships as "ambassadors" from the University of Toronto Mississauga. Their work in these internships is representative of the work of all other U of T students. We hope and expect that our students will act as professionals at all times. We know that they will be reliable, cooperative, and punctual. We believe that they will impress their employers not only with their existing skills and background preparation but also with their intelligence and willingness to learn new skills.