Courses You'll Need

What courses should you take and how to prepare for higher studies?

ECO325 – Advanced Macroeconomics

This course studies the economic foundations of macroeconomic theory and develops analytical skills in constructing and solving macroeconomic models.

ECO326 – Advanced Microeconomics

Topics include: advanced analysis of the behavior of consumers under uncertainty; issues in poverty, inequality and social welfare; game theory and its applications to economics and political economy.

ECO375 – Applied Econometrics I

Introduction to econometrics. Statistical foundations and the interpretation of multiple regression models, with an emphasis on cross-sectional data. Application of regressions to a wide variety of economic questions and data sources, including the use of statistical software. Problems in the identification of causality, and an introduction to methods of addressing common statistical issues.

ECO475 – Applied Econometrics II

A research-oriented course continuing several possible directions: time series analysis; panel data techniques; instrumental variables simultaneous equations; limited dependent variables. Students will complete a major empirical term paper, applying the tools of econometrics to a topic chosen by the student.