Course Information

First Year Courses

All programs in Economics require at least ECO100Y5(63%) and MAT133Y5(63%) or another MAT course equivalent. Specialist programs have additional requirements. Please refer to the program section for more details.

Second Year Courses

There are a few different options for second-year ECO courses – students should choose their courses according to their program of study. Click here to download the PDF course guide.


Pre-requisites are strictly enforced. All pre-requisites are checked carefully by the Department and it is the student's responsibility to ensure that the proper pre-requisites have been met. Students who do not meet the requirements by the enrolment deadline will be removed from ECO courses.


MAT133Y5/equivalent is a co-requisite to ECO200Y5 and ECO202Y5. You must be registered in the MAT course in the same term in order to remain registered in ECO200Y5 and/or ECO202Y5 unless you have already completed the MAT co-requisite course. If you do not meet this requirement by the enrolment deadline, you will be removed from ECO courses.

Conflicting Courses

You cannot be in two places at the same time! Do not enrol in two or more courses, including lectures, tutorials, or practica, that are held at the same time. No special accommodations will be made for term work, tests or final exams.

Study Abroad or Letter of Permission (LOP)

Students wishing to take Economics courses at another post-secondary institution for Study Abroad, or requesting a Letter of Permission, for transfer credit at UTM should send the course details (course number, course name, institution) by email to the Economics Academic Advisor, Ferzeen Sammy . Courses will be reviewed for eligibility.