Xiaoyong Xu

Xiaoyong Xu

Ph.D. | Assistant Professor (part-time) | Earth Science & Physics | Hydrology and Climate Physics

Research Areas:

Water Resources, Remote sensing, Data Assimilation, Climate Change

Research Profile:

Changes in the spatial and temporal characteristics of hydrological conditions (precipitation, surface water, soil moisture, groundwater, snow/ice, etc.) play a significant role in driving the impacts of climate change on human settlements and infrastructure. In particular, extreme hydro-climatological events (e.g. flood and drought) could cause severely adverse socio-economic impacts.  Our research aims to make high quality scientific contributions towards a better understanding of spatiotemporal changes in hydro-climatological conditions and interactions of atmospheric, terrestrial and hydrological processes. The research themes mainly involve integration of remotely sensed hydrologic products with hydrological/hydrogeological modeling, ensemble methods for quantifying the uncertainties pertaining to water resources modeling and prediction, and development of theoretical framework and modeling system that integrate different processes and disciplines across the earth’s climate system for quantifying the water cycle-climate-human interactions.  The outcomes will improve our skill to monitor and forecast water resources variability and extreme hydro-climatological events, in support of water resources management and water security.

Courses Taught:

ERS304H5, PHY351H5


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