Semechah Lui

Semechah Lui

Ph.D. | Assistant Professor | Earth Science | Applied Geophysics

Research Areas:

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Seismology and Earthquake physics


Research Profile:

The primary focus of our group is to understand earthquake physics and fault processes. We apply both data- and model-driven approaches to explore the complex physical mechanisms that drive such devastating phenomenon. Some specific topics of interest include characterizing earthquake source processes, earthquake triggering and interactions, and fault rupture dynamics. Recently we have extended our work from tectonic earthquakes to induced seismicity, i.e. earthquakes not caused by any natural processes but by human activities. Many key questions about induced seismicity remain unanswered, for example: Are there identifiable differences between induced and tectonic earthquakes? What is the major factor controlling the triggering mechanism between fluid and surrounding rocks? Does aseismic slip assume an important role in the triggering of induced earthquakes? Can induced earthquakes, typically small to moderate in size, trigger much larger events? We seek answers to these questions through seismic data analysis, numerical simulations of seismogenic fault behavior, and laboratory-scale rock experiments. The long-term goal is to develop physics-based earthquake models and methodologies that can contribute to natural/induced seismic hazard mitigation and earthquake prediction.

There are currently open positions in the group for graduate and undergraduate students. Interested candidates should send inquiries by email to

Courses Taught:

ERS101H5, ERS303H5, and ERS403H5 (undergraduate); CIV1499H1 (graduate)


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