R. Scott Prosser

University of Toronto Distinguished Professor of Biophysical Chemistry Ph.D.
905 828 3802
905 828 5425
Office Location:
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga , Ontario
L5L 1C6

Research Profile:

Prosser Research Picture

Our research focuses on dynamics and mechanism of complex biological processes such as: 1) protein folding, 2) protein misfolding and amyloidosis, 3) enzyme functional dynamics, 4) GPCR functional dynamics, and 5) Direct molecular imaging of proteins and nanoparticles by MRI.  In many cases, we make use of 19F or 13C,1H NMR to detect subtle low-lying states within an ensemble, and piece together a mechanistic description. 19F NMR chemical shifts are exquisitely sensitive to molecular environments. Thus, subtle differences in conformation, folding intermediates, or different aggregation states are more likely to be resolved by 19F NMR than by other methods.

Receptors and amyloid systems represent a tremendous challenge in part because of the need for high yield expression expression of functional protein with appropriate post translational modifications. We have focused in recent years on perfecting expression in yeast which has created new opportunities for the study of conformational equilibria, dynamics, activation mechanisms, and functional pathways of complex proteins.

Courses Taught:

JBC472H and JCP422H  (undergraduate), CHM1455F, BTC1710  (graduate)


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