Maciej Korzynski

Maciej D. Korzyński

Ph.D. | Assistant Professor | Chemistry |

Research Areas: Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry

Research profile: 

The Korzyński Research Laboratory applies the principles of traditional molecular synthetic inorganic chemistry to push the frontiers of metal-organic framework (MOF) synthetic elaboration. These porous materials are remarkable playgrounds for synthetic chemists due to their atomically precise structure and the presence of both inorganic and organic components that can be engaged in a controlled reactivity akin to solution-based chemistry. The members of the team leverage those properties to advance the fundamental understanding of inorganic chemistry, explore novel reactivities, as well as generate tailored functional materials for state-of-the-art applications such as long-term information storage and catalysis.

Courses taught: CHM231, and CHM331


Selected publications (see Google Scholar for a complete list:

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