Kent Moore

Kent Moore

Ph.D. | Professor | Physics | Atmospheric Physics

Research Areas:

High latitude climate dynamics, Mountain meteorology, High altitude physiology

Research Profile:

Moore Research

Professor Moore uses theoretical, computational and observational techniques to improve our knowledge of the dynamics of the climate system so as to improve our ability to place currently observed changes to the climate in a long-term context. Professor Moore also applies these same techniques to the study of the meteorology of mountainous areas of the Earth as well as the impact that weather in these areas has on human physiology and performance. Professor Moore undertakes field work in the Arctic, Greenland and the Himalaya using automatic weather stations, instrumented research aircraft and ships in the course of his research. 

Currently, the focus of Professor Moore’s research is in understanding the impact that topographic obstacles such as Greenland and the Himalaya have on the climate in adjoining regions. This work has and will continue to improve our understanding of the changes that are occurring in these regions as the Earth warms.  In addition, Professor Moore is involved with an international collaboration that is seeking to understand the processes through which heat, moisture and momentum are exchanged between the high latitude ocean and atmosphere and the impact that a declining sea ice cover has on these exchanges.  This work has implications on the impact that climate change has on important ocean circulation systems such as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation.

Courses Taught:

PHY241H5 and PHY451H5 (undergraduate); PHY2509H1 (graduate)


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