Juris Strautmanis

Juris Strautmanis

Ph.D. | Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream | Chemistry

Research Areas: 

Chemistry and Biochemistry of naturally occurring molecules


Juris Research

Research and Teaching Profile:

As an organic chemist, my interest in experimental chemistry is in the laboratory synthesis of natural products.  I have combined this interest with lecture courses in organic chemistry and in biochemistry and with laboratory courses in synthetic chemistry.

Currently, my lecture courses include Organic Chemistry: Mechanism and Structure in which we discuss stereochemistry and conformation of organic molecules and its role in organic reactions including pericyclic reactions and reactive intermediates.  In Organic Synthesis, the principal focus is a discussion of the major carbon-carbon bond forming reactions in chemical synthesis and includes oxidation and reduction reactions as well as introduces asymmetric synthesis.  My third lecture course is Organic Chemistry of Biological Compounds in which the central molecules of Life including amino acids and peptides, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids are studied including their stereochemistry, synthesis and aspects of their biosynthesis.

In the Chemical Synthesis Laboratory, we study the experimental synthetic chemistry of organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds.  Multi-step organic synthesis is introduced and the chemistry of transition metals, main group elements and lanthanides is explored.  Throughout our studies, molecules are characterized using IR and NMR spectroscopy.  Students also have the opportunity to pursue an independent synthesis project in an area of their choosing as our studies proceed.

I also work with students carrying out the Dissertation Based on Literature Research.  In this final year course, students study a contemporary topic in the Chemistry or Biochemistry research literature and present their findings in an oral presentation and a written dissertation.

Courses Taught:

CHM 341H5, CHM 345H5, CHM 347H5, CHM 394H5, CHM 395H5, CHM 485H5