John Percy

John Percy

Ph.D. | Professor Emeritus | Astronomy


John R. Percy is a professor emeritus of astronomy at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). His research interests include variable stars and stellar evolution. He is also active in science education (especially astronomy) at all levels, throughout the world. He has served as president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, the Royal Canadian Institute, the American Association of Variable Variable Star Observers, the International Astronomical Union Commissions on Variable Stars, and on Astronomical Education, and of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. He has served as Honorary President of the Science Teachers' Association of Ontario, and as Vice-Chair (1992-98) of the Board of Trustees of the Ontario Science Centre. His recent awards include the inaugural President's Teaching Award in 2006, the inaugural Qilak Award for excellence in communicating astronomy in Canada in 2012, the Education Prize of the American Astronomical Society in 2013, and Honorary President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 2013-2017.


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Research Interests: variable stars and stellar evolution

Other Interests: science education (especially astronomy) at all levels, throughout the world; international development; the contributions of amateurs to astronomy.