Daniel Schulze

Daniel Schulze

Ph.D. | Professor Emeritus | Earth Science


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My research is focused on the petrology of Earth's upper mantle. Most of the interior of Earth is inaccessible for direct study, and our best samples of it exist as rare fragments accidentally brought to the surface by volcanic rocks such as kimberlite and alkaline basalt. Specific topics of interest include evidence from xenoliths for a subduction origin for some material in the subcontinental upper mantle, quantitative determination of rock types in the upper mantle from detailed study of xenolith and xenocryst suites, major element and stable isotope studies of diamonds and their mineral inclusions, and the role of indicator minerals in exploration for, and evaluation of, diamondiferous and diamond-free kimberlites. Current research involves material from Canada, United States, southern Africa, Russia and Venezuela.

X-ray computed tomographic (CT) image of diamond-bearing eclogite #13-64-131, from the Roberts Victor Mine, South Africa, the sample studied by Schulze et al. (1996). The flat top surface is a computer-visualized Aslice @. Long dimension of sample is approximately 2 cm. Colour warmth corresponds to relative density. Yellows and reds are garnet (red is fresh and yellow somewhat altered) and blues and greens are clinopyroxene. A planar veinlet contains barite. The triangular shape (right-centre) represents a Acut @ through an octahedral face of a well-formed diamond, completely enclosed within the rock. The apparent high-density of the faces is due to rimming of the diamond by secondary barite (along fractures between the diamond and host clinopyroxene). Image produced by Diana Wiese.


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This paper was also featured in a "News and Views" story by Alison Wright, entitled "Subduction the hard way", on p. 24 of the same issue.

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