CPS Supplementary Degree Completion Grant

CPS Supplementary Degree Completion Grant

To help alleviate some stress around extended time in graduate students’ program due to unforeseen circumstances, the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences (CPS) provides a supplementary degree completion grant, provided through GEF funding for UTM affiliated students.

Student Eligibility

The CPS Supplementary Degree Completion Grant is open to MSc and PhD students up to 18 months beyond the time they leave the funded cohort and are no longer receiving the normal graduate funding package. This program is only available to graduate students who are affiliated at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) and are supervised by a CPS faculty member.

To be appropriately identified in ROSI as 'UTM affiliated', students need to complete and submit the Campus Affiliation form on the Provost website.

Grant Purpose

The purpose of this grant is to supplement graduate funding to bring students up to or close to funding level where they were in the funded cohort.

The CPS Supplementary Degree Completion Grant can be used in addition to the SGS Master’s Completion Bursary (MCB) and the SGS Doctoral Completion Award (DCA).This grant will provide up to $3,000 to MSc and PhD students for a period between 3 and 6 months in monthly installments of $500. This grant can be utilized in addition to or in lieu of TA hours, and the decision should be made in consultation with the PI based on the student’s financial circumstances and requirements for degree completion.

Due to the complexity in managing this program and for our financial planning purposes, please let us know at cpsgrad.utm@utoronto.ca and marek.velits@utoronto.ca if you will require this support in advance so we can reserve the appropriate funds.

Application Process

Below information must be submitted in order for your application to be considered. Please send following information to cpsgrad.utm@utoronto.ca and marek.velits@utoronto.ca, copying your supervisor.

  1. The latest Master’s progress report/Doctoral Supervisory Committee Meeting report
  2. The latest graduate funding package letter
  3. Any other relevant documentation to further support your application

Note that at the time you accept this award, you must be in good standing and not being paid for professional positions (e.g., course instructorship or external employment). 

Application Deadline

  • For students that will be out of the funded cohort as of September, the deadline to apply is at the beginning of August
  • For students that will be out of the funded cohort as of January, the deadline to apply is at the beginning of December

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Graduate Coordinator at cpsgrad.utm@utoronto.ca.