Fall 2023 Series

  • Talks start at 3:30pm with social (with pizza) between 3 - 3:30pm.

  • Please bring T-Card to every colloquium talk for attendance tracking. T-Cards will be scanned between 3 - 3:15pm.

1.September 13, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Brian Ingalls (he/him)

Department of Applied Mathematics and cross-appointed to the Departments of Biology and Chemical Engineering, Waterloo University

Dynamic modelling of horizontal gene transfer in microbial populations

Prof. Andreas Hilfinger
2.September 20, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Young-June Kim (he/him)

Department of Physics, University of Toronto St. George

The rise and fall of room-temperature superconductors

Prof. Maciej Korzynski
3.September 27, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

John L. Rubinstein (he/him)

Research Institute of The Hospital for Sick Children and Professor in the Departments of Biochemistry and Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto

Targeting mycobacterial oxidative phosphorylation to treat TB

Prof. Alana Ogata / Johnathan Sorrentino
4.October 4, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Muralee Murugesu (he/him)

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Ottawa

Lanthanide based opto-magnetic molecular materials

Prof. Maciej Korzynski
5. October 11, 2023  Reading Week - No Colloquium 
6.October 18, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Ruobing Dong (he/him)

Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Victoria

Observational Planet Formation

Prof. Marta Bryan
7.October 25, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Wim Velema (he/him)

Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radboud University

Chemical Tools for RNA Structure and Druggability

Prof. Andrew Beharry
8.November 1, 20233:30pm - 4:30pm


& Zoom

Myrna Simpson (she/her)

Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough

Chemistry of soil carbon in a changing world: Analytical challenges, recent advances, and future perspectives

Prof. Jumi Shin
9.November 8, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Alexander Peace (he/him)

School of Earth, Environment and Society, McMaster University

From continental margins to plate interiors: Implications of structural evolution for plate tectonics, geohazards and resources

Prof. Lindsay Schoenbohm
10.November 15, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Bing Li (he/him)

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Western University

Fluid-Driven Seismicity in Volcanic and Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Prof. Semechah Lui
11.November 22, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Carolyn Eyles (she/her)

Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University

Prof. Marc Laflamme
12.November 29, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

Anne Kenworthy (she/her)

School of Medicine, University of Virginia

How cells build functional nanodomains from lipids and proteins

Prof. Claudiu Gradinaru


13.  December 6, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

EDI Topical Training:

Shari Golberg (she/her)

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

Prof. Lindsay Schoenbohm
14. December 13, 20233:30pm - 4:30pmCC2150

CPS Graduate Students presentations:

Karishma Kailass, Recipient of the 2023 Fraser Code PhD Thesis Award.

Prof. Alana Ogata

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