UTM/JHI Annual Seminar Results

Please find below the U of T Mississauga research projects that have been funded through the Office of the Vice Principal, Research, UTM/JHI Annual Seminar's past competitions.


2024Madeleine Mant 
Martin Revermann
Historical Studies
The Theatre of Science 
2023Michelle Troberg
Mary-Paule Lory
Mihaela Pirvulescu
Adrien Rannaud
Katherine Rehner
Jeffrey Steele
Ai Taniguchi
Language StudiesMultilingualism: Reflecting on a Global Reality through Time, Space, Mind and Text
2023Kevin Coleman
R. Cassandra Lord
Historical StudiesExclusions and Resurgence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Julie Moreau (A&S Political Science)

Janine Clark (UTM Political Science)

Political ScienceTheorizing Social Movements: A View from the Global South

Matthew Walton (A&S Political Science

Arturo Chang Quiroz (UTM Political Science)

Devin Ouelette (PhD candidate, Political Science)

Melissa Williams (A&S Political Science)

Political ScienceDeparochializing the Political Theory Curriculum
2020Elizabethn WijayaVisual StudiesMediating Race, Reimagining Geopolitics
2019Andreas Bendlin, Boris Charubasik, Carrie Fulton, and Martin RevermannHistorical StudiesDealing with Fragmentary Evidence from Greco-Roman Antiquity
2018Ajay RaoHistorical StudiesCulture and Critique in South Asia
2017Jacob Gallagher-Ross, Alexandra Gillespie, and Lawrence SwitzkyEnglish & DramaAfter Virtuality: Mixed Reality and Digital Performance