OCCF Results

Please find below the U of T Mississauga research projects that have been funded through the Office of the Vice Principal, Research, Outreach, Conference and Colloquia Fund's past competitions.



Name Department Project
Cynthia Cranford Sociology Third Carework Network Global Summit “Carework in uncertain times: convergences and divergences around the world.”
David McMillen CPS Chemical Biophysics Symposium
Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi Historical Studies Woman, Life, Liberty: Iran’s Democratic Future
Martin Revermann Historical Studies Translating Latin and Greek: A Workshop for Classicists

Carolina Arteaga;
Roman Zarate


Frontiers in Applied Microeconomics Conference


Name Department Project
Andreas Bendlin Historical Studies Appropriation: A New Approach to Religion in Antiquity
Liza Blake  English and Drama  Race Before Race: Genealogies 
Derek Denis Language Studies Workshop on Linguistic Equity and Justice
Claudiu Gradinaru CPS 21st Great Lakes GPCR Retreat 2022
Yael Karshon MCS Workshop on Line groups, singular spaces, and higher structures


Name Department Project
Salvatore Bancheri Language Studies  Dante's Influence on (Italian) Canadian Arts 
Sherry Fukuzawa Anthropology  Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting

January 2020 (November 2019 Competition)

Name Department Project
Tracey Galloway Anthropology Teachings with Elders Be’sha Blondin and Albert Marshall
Andrea Muehlebach Anthropology Distribute! An Experiment in Carbon-Free Conferencing
Anjuli Raza Kolb English & Drama Poetry Reading and Masterclass by Fatimah Asghar
Yuhong He Geography Precision Agriculture and Remote Sensing Research Network Workshop
Carrie Atkins Fulton
John Fabiano
Historical Studies A Colloquium on Labour, Work, and Culture in the Later Roman Empire
Yujie (Julie) Chen ICCIT Disrupting the Platform Economy
Teresa Lobalsamo Language Studies Italian Pedagogy in an Age of Memes
Ruben Gaetani Management Frontiers in the Economics of Organizations and Markets: Theory, Applications and Methods
Yael Karshon MCS Geometric quantization: Old and New
Andrea Olive Political Science and Geography Parks and Indigenous Peoples in Urban Spaces: Opportunities, Challenges, and Identities
Kristin Plys Sociology Workshop on Caste Politics in Contemporary India

May 2019 (April 2019 Competition)

Name Department Project
Helene Wagner Biology IALE North America Annual Meeting 2020
Cynthia Cranford Sociology Tensions and Alliance in Care: A Conversation between Academics and Community

February 2019

Name Department Project
Marc Laflamme CPS Canadian Paleontology Conference 2019

January 2019 (November 2018 Competition)

Name Department Project
Vivienne Luk Anthropology Canadian Universities For Forensic Science (CUFFS) Conference
Virginijus Barzda CPS 5th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Canada - BSC2019
Jennifer Nagel Philosophy Workshop on Indian Epistemology
Emily Impett Psychology York/University of Toronto Social Personality Abnormal (YUTSPA)

April 2018 (April 2018 Competition)

Name Department Project

Alberto Galasson

Tanjim Hossain

Nicola Lacetera

Management and IMI Frontiers in the Economics of Organizations and Markets: Theory, Applications and Methods
Doug VanderLaan Psychology SEXposium Science Outreach Conference
Weiguo Zhang Sociology Health and Wellbeing of Chinese Older Immigrants in Canada


January 2018 (November 2017 Competition)

Name Department Project
Liza Blake English & Drama New Chaucer Society Conference, July 2018
Matthew Adams Geography University of Toronto Mississauga – Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Research Workshop
Karen Ruffle Historical Studies The Many Lives of Aurangzeb: Graduate Workshop on Reading, Writing, and Teaching Religious “Controversy” in South Asian Religious History
Mohan Matthen Philosophy International Multisensory Research Forum


April 2017 (March 2017 Competition)

Name  Department Project
Scott Prosser CPS Celebrating Research Excellence
Xiaodong Zhu Economics Bank of Canada-University of Toronto Conference on the Chinese Economy
Kevin Coleman Historical Studies Human Rights and Transnational Solidarity in Cold War Latin America, Public Lecture
Ajay Rao Historical Studies Graduate Conference for South Asian Religions
Alessandro Delfanti  ICCIT Resisting the Digital Economy
Christine Shaw Visual Studies Take Care: The Labour of Curation


December 2016 (November 2016 Competition)

Name Department Project
Joshua Milstein CPS

Imaging in Cell and Molecular Biology




Canada’s Changing Arctic: Walking on Thin Ice




Bridging the Gap between Research, Industry Trends, and Curriculum Renewal within Human-Computer Interaction in Canada




IMI Junior Conference – Health Strategy

Andrea Olive

Political Science

Emerging Issues as Canada Celebrates its Sesquicentennial: Challenges and Opportunities in the Canadian North


March 2016

Name Department Project

Marc Johnson

Amanda Nelson

Biology Conference: Urban Ecology and Evolution
Alexandra Gillespie English & Drama Jackman Humanities Digital Humanities Meeting
Laurel Besco Geography Southwestern Ontario Environmental Law & Policy Research Network Workshop
Joan Simalchik Historical Studies, Women & Gender Studies Undergraduate research conference

Alberto Galasson

Tanjim Hossain

Nicola Lacetera

Management and IMI Frontiers in the Economics of Organizations and Markets: Theory, Applications and Methods
Judith Andersen Psychology Conference: Enhancing Police Performance Through Evidence Based Training

Phil Goodman

Paula Maurutto

Kelly Hannah-Moffat

Sociology ‘Penal Boundaries’: Excesses, Limits, and the Production of Inequality. Workshop/Conference

January 2016




Robert Reisz


Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Laura Brown


University of Toronto Mississauga - York University Environmental Monitoring Workshop

Shashi Kant


Stasis Challenge

Claude Evans

Language Studies

Ancient Abbeys of Brittany Colloquium: Monasteries, Convergences, Exchanges, and Confrontations in the West of Europe in the Middle Ages (May 5-6, 2016)

Teresa Lobalsamo

Language Studies

Gastronomy, Culture, and the Arts: A Scholarly Exchange of Epic Portions

Hindu Reform Acoss the British Empire

Shay Fuchs

Mathematical & Computational Sciences

Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Seaway Meeting, Fall 2018


February 2015

Name Department Project Title
Scott Prosser Chemical & 
Physical Sciences
16th Great Lakes GPCR Retreat & Club des Récepteurs à Sept Domaines Transmembranaires International Meeting


October 2014



Project Title

Heather Miller


Ritual Landscapes in South Asian Archaeology (Conference)

Judith Poë

Chemical & Physical Sciences

Southwestern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference

Kevin Coleman

Historical Studies

Full-day UTM Event on the Visual in Mexico

Enrico Raffaelli

Historical Studies

Exploring Rohinton Mistry’s Narrative

Ajay Rao

Historical Studies

Workshop on Tantrism

Karen Ruffle

Historical Studies

Materiality at the Margins: New Approaches to Religious Materiality in the Deccan

Andrea Olive

Political Science

Public Policy and Governance of Hydraulic Fracturing in North America


February 2014

Name Department Project Title
Ana Maria Bejarano Political Science Harvesting Peace in Colombia: A Rural Agenda for the Future
Phil Goodman 
Paula Maurutto
Kelly Hannah-Moffat
Sociology Penal Boundaries: Excesses, Limits, and the Production of Inequality
Tanjim Hossain
Alberto Gallasso
Nicola Lacetera
Management/IMI Frontiers in the Economics of Organizations and Markets: Theory, Applications and Methods
Peter Kotanen Biology Terrestrial Invasive Plants Meeting II
Angela Lange
Ian Orchard
Biology Insect Biotech Conference
Paul Piunno Chemical & 
Physical Sciences
23rd IUPAC International Conference on Chemistry Education
Fiona Rawle
Christoph Richter
Sanja Hinic-Frlog
Biology Ontario Biology Day 2014