Software success

Photo of graduate student Mtchell McMillan from Prof Lindsay Schoenbohm's lab
Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 9:57am
U of T Mississauga researchers in the Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences have obtained exceptional software to further their earth science work in the mountains

Petroleum Experts has donated 10 license suites of the MOVE software (valued at £1,334,160.00) to the University of Toronto Mississauga for use in teaching and research.

Photo of graduate student Mitchell McMillan in Argentina

Graduate students in Professor Lindsay Schoenbohm's research lab will use the software to reconstruct the history of deformation of rocks in the high mountains of northwest Argentina. This work has implications for how high-altitude plateaus are built, how they shape and are shaped by climate, and the potential for damaging earthquake to occur.

"We are so grateful to have access to this software," says Schoenbohm. "It will definitely help to provide important analysis for our earth science research and may lead to a new direction in an upcoming course that I am teaching."