Help UTM students experience the world


Photo of Macchu Picchu
Photo of Macchu Picchu, Peru

Yana Jacobs wants every UTM student to experience the world. With your support of the University of Toronto Mississauga’s “Giving Day” on September 20, you can help make UTM Abroad possible for even more students.

UTM Abroad is a one- to two-week international learning experience that allows undergraduate students to see the people, places and theories they read about come to life.

Students on a UTM Abroad experience in Iceland

By studying plant-based medicine in Peru, organizational management in Iceland or the impact of the Cambodian genocide on rural villagers, “students learn how to embrace diversity, face challenges with empathy and champion cross-cultural collaboration,” says Mark Overton, UTM’s dean of student affairs and assistant principal of student services.

They return more adaptable, resilient, open to the world around them – and ready to excel in their careers, adds Veronica Vasquez, director of UTM’s international education centre. Eight out of 10 Canadian employers agree that graduates with global experience make companies more competitive.

“It enhanced my academic career and my life so profoundly,” Jacobs says of the 10 days she spent in Peru in February 2023. “I would definitely recommend it to any student who is willing and able to go.”

More than half of UTM Abroad students are only able to participate with financial aid. Thirty per cent of those have a high level of need, meaning they require assistance to cover more than half of their travel and living expenses.

By supporting UTM’s Giving Day, you can help increase the number of UTM Abroad bursaries and ensure that every qualified student who wants to study abroad can, regardless of financial circumstances.

“Because financial ability should not be a barrier to a global education,” insists Vasquez.

On September 20, let’s join together to help even more UTM students soar!