UTM Celebrates International Women's Day: Kathi Wilson

Kathi Wilson receiving the Desmond Morton Award
Professor Kathi Wilson (left) recieving the Desmond Morton Research Excellence Award in 2020. Also pictured are Professor Ron Buliung and Professor Alexandra Gillespie, UTM Vice-President and Principal.

Professor Kathi Wilson is a dedicated researcher studying the complex relationship between urban environments and the social determinants of health, focusing on immigrant populations. Guided by an enduring commitment to community-based, collaborative research, Kathi explores issues related to health care access and the influence of neighbourhood environments, both physical and social, on individual health outcomes.  

Kathi recently collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of researchers at UTM, Peel Public Health and Trillium Health Partners on The Lived Experiences Project – a research study examining pandemic experiences among racialized and immigrant people living in Peel Region. The findings of the project are being shared with community partners and agencies to inform health messaging and social care programs within Peel Region. 

The team is currently expanding the scope of their research and embarking on a new project that examines the differential health and well-being impacts of long COVID on immigrant and racialized individuals with multiple intersecting identities. These populations bear a disproportionate risk of ill health, highlighting the urgent need for tailored interventions to improve access to care and supports. 

In recognition of Kathi’s significant research contributions, she received the 2020 Desmond Morton Research Excellence Award. The award celebrates outstanding career achievement in research and scholarly activity by faculty members at the University of Toronto Mississauga. 

Kathi’s work sheds light on the pressing health disparities faced by underserved communities and underscores the importance of centering community voices in research. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Kathi’s impactful contributions are a testament to the transformative power of women-led research in advancing health equity.