Arts & Culture

Work of Wind Exhibit by Eduardo Navarro "We who spin you around"


By elevating the role of art and culture, we will increase flourishing, lifting the voices and experiences of members of our diverse communities and enriching our education, scholarship, and creative endeavors.


Through this campaign, we will leverage the power of art and culture to expand community wellbeing and individual thriving. Using the Peel Region’s great asset of our diverse communities, we will create broader appreciation of diverse cultures and remedy the region’s insufficient access to programs for creative expression and innovation. Students, faculty, staff, and community partners will work together to showcase stories of lived experiences, discover insights about ourselves and others, and gain a greater understanding of what it is to be human. Our opportunity is to immerse UTM’s students, faculty, staff, and programs even more fully in the lives of our community. We will ensure that the art we create and our scholarship, publications, collections, exhibitions, and events reflect and respond to our community’s interests. A new artists and writers in residence program will attract contemporary global leaders, enabling them to partner with our students, faculty, and communities. This work will build on path-breaking interdisciplinary programs in the Blackwood Gallery and in our Theatre and Drama Studies Program.

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