Child and Youth Mental Health

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We will increase flourishing in every child, building long-term wellbeing and reversing the crisis in child mental health in Canada and around the world.


Through this campaign, we will generate greater thriving in children and our communities through an individualized approach to building compassion, resilience, and strength. We will create a mental health research-practice network that builds on UTM’s expertise in the Centre for Child Development, Mental Health & Policy (CCDMP). Our efforts will leverage UTM’s distinct expertise in mental health for refugee and immigrant communities—especially important given that more than 50% of Peel Region residents were born outside of Canada. UTM’s efforts will complement and be accelerated by their connection to U of T’s tri-campus Institutional Strategic Initiative on Student and Youth Mental Health. By further leveraging partnerships across U of T and in our community, we will develop a hub-and-spoke model of research, care, training, and policy development that is diverse, inclusive, respectful, and reciprocal. Hubs on campus and in the community will expand our reach, insights, and impact. Through these partnerships—and using artificial intelligence and machine learning—we will develop individualized tools that focus on personal strengths and build resilience, empowerment, and growth. These tools, akin to popular and effective mindfulness apps, will make participation enjoyable—building mental health, while contributing to our program’s research and continuous learning. Our initial emphasis will be creating greater flourishing in children from underserved and underrepresented communities. Our effort will include a focus on transitional phases of development, including undergraduates’ transition to UTM.

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