UTM Celebrates International Women's Day

International Women's Day


This International Women’s Day, we proudly celebrate the accomplishments of remarkable women across our campus community. This year’s theme — Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress — underscores the transformative power of supporting women whose talent, insights and expertise are shaping a brighter future.

 In this feature, you’ll read about life-changing research, impactful community engagement initiatives and the goals and aspirations of the next generation of female leaders. With unwavering dedication and ingenuity, women across our university are breaking barriers and developing solutions to society’s most pressing issues.

Together, let’s champion and uplift the outstanding women who drive innovation, lead with confidence and effect positive change!

Lorraine Lipscombe



Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe develops and implements new interventions to combat diabetes and other chronic diseases.

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Leah Taylor

Leah Taylor is a master’s student exploring her passion for healthcare and sustainability to drive positive change.

Susan Allen

Susan Allen is an esteemed UTM alumna, business leader and visionary donor supporting the next generation of women in STEM. 


Question and Answer with Tee Duke, Director, Indigenous Initiatives

Tee Duke is the director of the UTM Office of Indigenous Initiatives (UTM OII). She is an inspirational leader with over 20 years of experience working with Indigenous communities and organizations. 

Read our Q&A with Tee  

Tee Duke


Amelie Desroches

Amélie Desroches is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing her passion for the environment and exploring opportunities to contribute meaningfully to a net-zero future.

Andrea Roman Alfaro

 Andrea Román Alfaro is a PhD student examining how race, class and gender shape people’s interpretations, experiences and responses to violence. 


Tina Malti

Professor Tina Malti is an internationally leading expert developing innovative approaches to child and youth mental health. 

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Professor Beth Coleman explores the ethics of AI and sheds light on how we can harness powerful technologies for the collective good.

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Beth Coleman
Kathi Wilson


Professor Kathi Wilson studies the complex relationship between urban environments and the social determinants of health, focusing on immigrant populations. 

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Sophia Johnson

Dr. Sophia N. Johnson is a distinguished UTM alumna developing impactful and inclusive solutions for complex economic issues.


Jessica Burgner-Kahrs


Professor Jessica Burgner-Kahrs is at the forefront of robotics research, driving advancements in minimally invasive surgery as well as maintenance, repair and operations.

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Dr. Nabanita Nawar is a UTM alumna developing novel treatments for patients with chemotherapy-induced neuropathy.

Nabanita Nawar




To find out more on the women featured or to discover opportunities to support UTM initiatives, please connect with Kristen Harshman-Best, Senior Development Officer, Leadership and Annual Giving.