UTM Celebrates International Women's Day: Amelie Desroches

Amelie Desroches
Amelie Desroches, Environmental Sciences and Management student. Photo by Matt Volpe

Amélie is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing her passion for the environment and exploring opportunities to contribute meaningfully to a net-zero future.

Amélie was awarded U of T’s Climate Positive Energy Undergraduate Summer Research Award in 2022. Her contributions to the project: “Understanding the Social Benefits of Urban Trees” highlight the importance of nature-based solutions in cities to mitigate climate change. The research examines the many social benefits that urban trees bring to our cities, including improving people’s wellbeing and community liveability. Beyond her research and studies, Amélie has advanced environmental initiatives as co-leader of an environmental club at UTM. In this role, she collaborated with her peers to organize events, raise awareness and advocate for sustainable practices on and off campus. 

Looking ahead, Amélie would love to work on restoration projects and environmental remediation efforts, noting that “every parcel of land holds the potential to generate greater positive benefits, whether through retrofitting, ecological restoration of built and natural spaces, or implementing nature-based solutions.” She’s also interested in environmental impact assessments, which could involve enforcing laws and policies related to the environment. No matter which path she chooses, Amélie is eager to “make a tangible difference in her community and have a positive impact on environmental issues.”