The Ulrich J. Krull Research Excellence Award


Image of Professor Ulli Krull


“I worked hard to meet everyone — students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors — where they are at, to talk to them personally and let them know that they can say or ask anything they want, no matter what their title.”

former U of T Vice-President and UTM Principal Ulli Krull



During his 40-years at UTM culminating in his tenure as principal and his retirement this spring, Ulli inspired us all — as a leader, a teacher, a scientist, an innovator, a city-builder, a colleague, a mentor and a friend. He played a crucial role in realizing UTM’s full potential as a place of excellence in research and teaching, and his passion for connecting science to business has led to unparalleled learning opportunities for our students, and jobs and economic prosperity for our city.

To celebrate his achievements and honour his legacy, UTM created the Ulrich J. Krull Research Excellence Award to recognize UTM students who are both outstanding researchers and leaders in community engagement or entrepreneurship.