Potential Partners

Partners shake hands across the table in a restaurant.


When thinking about potential partners, consider the following:​


Industry partnerships: ​

  • What competencies/resources do you need from the company to complement your own? Does this company have the capability to deliver on these expectations?​

  • What benefits to your research program do you wish to gain from partnering with this company? ​

  • What on-demand and unique resources can you offer that will be of interest to this company? Consider expertise, technologies, facilities, samples, cohorts.​


Community partnerships: ​

  • Do you, your colleagues and/or U of T have established relationships with the group/organization? ​

  • How can your research, expertise, and/or capabilities bring value to this potential partner?​

  • How do you foresee the partnership enriching your own academic endeavors?​

  • What societal impact do you expect from a collaboration with this group? ​

Reaching out to potential partners: 

Contact us and/or colleagues to identify pre-existing relationships with the prospective partner, and to devise an outreach strategy.​


Getting noticed by potential partners: 

Keep your research website up to date and compelling, participate in conferences, symposia, and workshops, and encourage your students and postdocs to interface with external groups.​




Reach out to get started:
Raquel De Souza, PhD
Director, Partnerships & Innovation