Discussing the Project

A woman runs a meeting, writing on a whiteboard while four colleagues take notes.


Preparing for partner meetings:​

  • Research the individuals you will be meeting with, and understand their positions within the organization​

  • Consider your objectives and theirs, what you’d like to share based on what may be of interest to them​

  • Focus on the core goal, or the challenge/need you will address, through the project​

  • Prepare for any concerns, hesitations, pain-points, and questions you foresee from your partner​

  • Devise thoughtful questions in advance, and practice active listening during the meeting​

  • Understand your “ask” and actions you would like each party to take​


Manage expectations from the start:​

  • Carefully consider timelines and any constrains that may affect them​

  • Aim to under-promise and over-deliver​

  • Discuss and agree on roles for everyone involved in the project ​

  • Ensure desired outcomes from all parties are clearly acknowledged and understood​




Reach out to get started:
Raquel De Souza, PhD
Director, Partnerships & Innovation