Siyuan Xiao

Raymond (Siyuan) Xiao

Senior Analyst, Entitlement & Tax at RBC
Honours B.A. in CCIT, Minor in Linguistics 2019

I am currently working as a Senior Analyst, Entitlement & Tax at RBC. 

What were your favourite classes and why?

I had a terrific university life and enjoyed all my classes at UTM. My favourite class in the Language Studies Department was LIN362 Historical Linguistics. I am passionate about linguistics, also a history enthusiast. Learning about the history of linguistics allowed me to understand history from another perspective. It makes me realize how languages have affected the historical process. It is crazy to think that someone in Iceland and someone in Bangladesh speaks a similar language that is related to one another.  


How did you de-stress as a student? 

I used to go to the gym regularly and workout with my friends. Other than that, my favourite way to de-stress is to participate in events happening around me. I still remember watching the 2018 World Cup games at the UTM Student Union with a bunch of strangers. Additionally, I also volunteered at the Toronto International Film Festival.


If you could start university over again, what would you do differently?

If I could start university over again, I will participate in more summer abroad programs. In the summer of 2018, I took a class in Siena, Italy, and it was the highlight of my university life. The whole class travelled together to the local market and enjoyed mind-blowing gelatos. That's something I'll never forget!


What would be the top 3 skills needed to be the top performer in your industry?

In the financial service industry, efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration are the top three essential skills. Pressure comes from the first minute when you start working until the end of the day. Efficiency can ensure to complete the assigned task in a fast-paced environment. Accuracy can avoid any result in financial exposure to the client and organization. Collaboration is most important because it creates synergy; the sum is greater than the parts.


How did your experience at UTM help you find your first position after graduation? 

I went to the UTM career center several times to revise my resume and prepare for interviews. Also, the career center holds valuable workshops that can lead new grads to land their first job.