Nicole Skaf

Nicole Skaf

Policy Analyst at Natural Resources Canada
Honours B.A. in International Affairs, Economics Major & Italian Minor 2017

I am currently a Policy Analyst at Natural Resources Canada. 

What courses did you find most valuable? 

Several of the courses within the International Affairs Specialist – a multidisciplinary program – were particularly valuable to my development and professional career. Italian courses, including “Language Practice” and “History of the Italian Language,” gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in a new language and culture and gain different perspectives. In a public service career, it is key to be conversational in at least two or more languages and appreciate different ways of thinking. Combined, these have provided me with the ability to communicate effectively as well as form great working relationships.


What motivated you as a student in your program? 

As a student, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the problems that interested me the most. So, what motivated me was to look for opportunities where I could get involved and gain a practical understanding about them. The professors also motivated me. They continuously supported my intellectual curiosity and development. I was lucky to be taught by professors who always wanted to bring out the best in their students and were dedicated to improve the learning environment.


How is your minor related to your current work?

In my current work as a Policy Analyst, it is a requirement to have taken courses in economics. In addition, being bilingual in French is an asset, expanding your opportunities within the public service, and propels you for promotions a lot more often. It also allows you to communicate with more stakeholders and thus form strong working relations.

Master of Economic Development and Innovation, University of Waterloo