Marianna Nardella Figueiredo

Marianna Nardella Figueiredo

Customer Account Services Rep at S&P Data
Honours B.A. in Italian Language Studies Minor 2020

I am currently working as a Customer Account Service Representative at S&P Data. 

What were your favourite classes and why?

My favourite Italian classes were Queer Italy (ITA392) and The Italian Canadian Experience (ITA255). I loved these courses because they allowed me to engage with my culture in a way that I never have before. Not only was I able to learn about alternative perspectives within the culture, but I was given the opportunity to share my experiences as well. Also, I had professor Paolo Frasca, and he was the best educator I’ve ever had.


What was the biggest transitional issue you faced when you started at UTM? 

The biggest transitional issue I faced going into university was how large it was compared to my high school, which had less than 600 students altogether. At times, it felt a little impersonal, with the exception of my Italian Studies classes which were all small enough to know all of my peers’ names.


If you could start university over again, what would you do differently? 

If I could start university over again, I would do two things differently. I’d take advantage of the resources available to me as a UofT student, and I’d socialize more.


What projects or tasks do you perform in a typical week in your current role? 

In my current role as a customer accounts specialist, I speak with customers regarding a myriad of concerns, from high bills to fraud cases. I also report back on errors in the frontlines and provide feedback to the head office regarding customer experiences.


What did you learn in your Italian Studies program that is applicable to your current role? 

My Italian minor is related to my current position by way of communication. In my job, I encounter people of all backgrounds. Thus, the ability to communicate in another language. Furthermore, the ability to relate with a customer and their culture helps build rapport.


How have you utilized the alumni network both as a student and/or as an alumnus? 

I’ve used the alumni network as both a student and alumnus. My primary use for it has always been discovering new opportunities. However, since graduating, I have also found it to be a useful tool for professional networking and career guidance.