Liuqing Chen

Liuqing Chen

International Program Assistant at Osgoode Professional Development, York University
Honours BSc in Psychology, Minor in Linguistics & English Language Linguistics 2018

I am currently an International Program Assistant at Osgoode Professional Development at York University. 

What were your favourite classes and why? 

Classes about sociolinguistics and language teaching & learning were my favourites. I really love that exciting feeling of exploring how people are connected and studying the ways languages and society interact with each other. As a learner who learns two distinct foreign languages, I also love to experience both teacher's and learners' roles in language education. 


What was the biggest transitional issue you faced when you started at UTM? 

As an international student, the language barrier was definitely the most significant challenge when I started at UTM. The anxiety before submitting my very first essay, or the panic about terminologies in an upcoming exam, such things did bother me in my first year. However, the cliché "practice makes perfect" actually could help, and now I am still practicing and keep getting better. Also, my professors' warmth and support encouraged me a lot. 


If you could start university over again, what would you do differently? 

There are two things I would do differently: one would be engaging in more activities to meet interesting people and build meaningful connections, the other thing would be going to the St. George campus to take a Japanese course in my final year. 


What projects or tasks do you perform in a typical week in your current role? 

My duties include helping students from all over the world succeed in their academic programs and supporting the university department to run smoothly. 


How has your student experience helped you in your position? 

Besides what I learnt from my exceptional professors and their excellent teaching, UTM has also taught me how to develop some essential lifelong skills: communicate with others effectively, make plans beforehand, troubleshoot and solve problems proactively. These skills helped me figure out my own career path and perform well in all positions I have taken so far. 

Minor in Linguistics & English Language Linguistics