David F. Boshra

David F. Boshra

Psychology and Human Development Teacher at the Canadian International School of Egypt
Honours BSc (High Distinction) in Biology & Psychology, Minor in Education Studies 2018

I am currently an Ontario Certified Teacher teaching Psychology and Human Development at the Canadian International School of Egypt. 

What courses did you find most valuable? 

One of the most valuable courses in the Education Studies program was the Learning Design course. It’s innovative and makes you think about every little detail of what goes on in your classroom during instructional/teaching time. The combination of research, studies, and practicum experience makes this course quite unique and highly applicable for anyone in the realm of teaching or training, not just within education.


How did UTM prepare you for your career? 

UTM was an open door to experiential learning; there are a ton of opportunities, you just need to know which doors to knock. I had the opportunity to be a research student working on my own projects alongside Dr. Tina Malti at the now Centre for Child Development, Mental Health and Policy, and cultural fluency and empathetic storytelling with Dr. Liz Coulson and Dr. Rosa Hong, and with Dr. Sanja Hinic-Frlog on student’s motivation in learning, a cross-curricular between the biology department and my education studies. I also had the opportunity to get into governance and student leadership, as the Treasurer of the now Teacher Education Student Association, and as an Undergraduate Representative for the Campus Affairs Committee of the UTM Campus Council. Followed by multiple works and volunteer experiences working with first-year students running the First-Year Experience program, to planning and executing Exam Jam with the Centre for Student Engagement, just to name a few. My years at UTM were rewarding and filled with lessons both inside and outside the lecture/tutorial halls.


What was the biggest transitional issue you faced when you started at UTM? 

Getting used to the rigour and fast pace of university life. A semester really does fly by, and you must make use of every moment, but without sacrificing your mental and physical wellbeing.


How has your program in Education Studies from UTM set you apart from your colleagues and peers? 

The Education Studies program was a great help, aside from making meaningful and lasting relationships with many who are in the same field and beyond, the program exposed me to the details of the teaching and education field early on. It gave me a chance to “get my feet wet”, to see what works and what doesn’t work. Entering my graduate program, the Master of Teaching at OISE/UofT, I came to appreciate the education studies program for having given me enough academia and experience to excel in the field.

Major in Biology for Health Sciences and Psychology, Minor in Education Studies