Chiu-Hung Chen

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Chinese Language & Culture
Language Studies
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    3359 Mississauga Road
    Maanjiwe nendamowinan, MN4166
    Mississauga ON L5L 1C6

Chiu-Hung's life has been intricately connected with languages. She has embarked on a journey that involves acquiring languages, instructing in Mandarin Chinese, and guiding courses dedicated to language teaching and learning. With a specialization in second language pedagogy, she consistently shares the happiness and profound influence of learning languages and cultures through her commitment to teaching and research.

Current Courses

  • CHI203 (Intermediate Low Chinese I)
  • CHI204 (Intermediate Low Chinese II)
  • CHI211 (Chinese for Academic Purposes I)
  • CHI303 (Intermediate High Chinese I)
  • CHI304 (Intermediate High Chinese II) 
  • LIN487/LTL487 (Second Language Pedagogy)


  • PhD, Linguistics, University of Ottawa 
  • MA, Linguistics, University of Ottawa 
  • BA, Second Language Teaching, University of Ottawa

Areas of Teaching and Research Interests

  • Chinese as a foreign language: pedagogy, assessment, and literacy development 
  • Second language pedagogy 
  • Computer-assisted language learning, virtual exchange

Selected Publications


  • Chen, C.-H. (2023). Virtual exchange in a third-year CFL course: design and reflections. In H. Wu & X. Qi (Eds.), Research in Chinese International Education (pp. 308–318), Northeast Normal University Press: Changchun City, Jilin Province, China.  
  • Chen, C.-H., Jiang, X., Li, J., & Ren, X. (2023). ChatGPT for language learning affordances and challenges. The Canadian Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Journal.
  • Chen, C.-H., & Peng, K. (2023). Heritage and CFL learners’ needs and experiences in virtual exchange at intermediate-to-advanced levels. Taiwan Journal of Chinese as a Second Language, 20(1): 101–137.  
  • Chen, C.-H., & Peng, K. (2019). CFL learners’ perception of reading: effects of unfamiliar words and guided reading instruction. International Chinese Language Education, 4(4): 90–95.  
  • Chen, C.-H., & Peng, K. (2017). Identifying the difficulty index of Chinese characters from CFL beginners. Journal of Chinese Language Teaching, 14(1): 21–46.  

Selected Grants, Fellowships and Awards

  • Learning and Education Advancement Fund Plus (LEAF+), Principal Investigator, University of Toronto, 2023–2024, Designing differentiated instruction in the foreign language classroom using ChatGPT
  • Teaching Development and Innovation Grant (TDI), Principal Investigator, UTM, 2023–2024, Language learning beyond the classroom: A virtual language exchange project