Catherine Teresa Pimentel

Catherine Teresa Pimentel

French Teacher at Halton Catholic District School Board
Honours B.A. (Distinction) in French Teaching and Learning & Historical Studies 2018

I am currently an Ontario Certified Teacher teaching French at Halton Catholic District School Board. 

What courses did you find most valuable? 

The courses I found most useful had to be my Education Studies courses. These courses set me up for success in my Master of Teaching Program at OISE and provided me with a good foundation for my teaching career. I also thought the Advanced Oral Practice French course gave me a great opportunity to improve my pronunciation in the language I teach full time. 


What was the biggest transitional issue you faced when you started at UTM?

The biggest transitional issue I faced initially was being responsible for picking my courses. When you are in high school, everything is sorted out for you, and you don't have as many options. When I first arrived at UTM, I was overwhelmed with all the choices I had, especially in my first year. Doing your research and having support from others who had the process before was extremely helpful. 


What would be the top 3 skills needed to be the top performer in your industry? 

Flexibility, patience and willingness to learn are the most important skills to be a top teacher in 2021. Now more than ever, teachers have had to learn new ways to create and deliver content from home or in the hybrid model, needing to be prepared for whatever comes our way. Our world is constantly changing, and we need to be prepared to change our teaching methods right with it. If we do not desire to learn, how will we encourage students to learn from us? We need to be open to professional development and reflection to improve our practice.


What time of year do employers in your field typically hire? 

Hiring for Teachers occurs all year round. However, I find that the most beneficial time to apply would be anywhere from early December to early February. Throughout the year, there are several hiring fairs where many school boards in the country and worldwide collect resumes and provide additional information about their board for potential candidates. 

OISE in French Language Teacher Education, University of Toronto