Azita H. Taleghani

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Languages Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Language Studies

Azita H. Taleghani has a PhD degree in linguistics from the University of Arizona. Her research has been primarily in the areas of syntax and morphology of Indo-Iranian languages, especially Persian, second-language pedagogy, and Web-based language teaching. She has published a monograph on ‘Modality, Aspect and Negation in Persian’ in 2008 and has several refereed articles. Her most recent articles are ‘Persian Progressive Tense: Serial Verb Construction or Aspectual Complex Predicate?’, and ‘Persian Linguistics in the 20th century’. In addition to teaching Persian language/ literature, and linguistics at the University of Toronto (Departments of Language Studies, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations), she is the coordinator of new languages (Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Latin, Persian, and Spanish) and was the director of the web-based language learning project called Language Hub. She has the professional experience in lexicography and editing dictionary. She loves to hike and travel, and is passionate about poetry and music.


Persian, Linguistic Studies