Ai Taniguchi

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, English Language Linguistics & Online Teaching
Language Studies

Professor Taniguchi’s areas of expertise are formal semantics and formal pragmatics. She also has secondary interests in sociolinguistics and language variation as a way of lending insight into issues in formal semantics/pragmatics. She completed her PhD in Linguistics at Michigan State University in 2017.  Much of Professor Taniguchi’s research focuses on formal models of non-truth-conditional meaning, including expressive meaning, illocutionary meaning, social meaning, and other phenomena that otherwise impact the discourse context in some way. She was an instructor at Carleton University from 2017, until she joined UTM in 2020.

As a teaching stream faculty member, Professor Taniguchi’s pedagogical interests include public outreach in linguistics, online teaching, using technology to supplement student learning, and diversity and inclusion in the classroom. As the winner of the 5-Minute Linguist competition at the Linguistic Society of America 2019 annual meeting, Professor Taniguchi has a natural talent in teaching to the audience and explaining complex topics in an accessible way that does not undermine the rigor of the underlying science.

PhD in Linguistics, Michigan State University, 2017
MA (by exam) in Linguistics, Michigan State University, 2017
BA (highest honors) in Linguistics and French, University of Georgia, 2012




Dynamic semantics, non-at-issue meaning, social meaning, illocutionary meaning, questions, exclamatives, miratives, polarity emphasis, degree semantics, discourse particles, intensification


Formal semantics, formal pragmatics, language variation and change, sociolinguistics, semantics-sociolinguistics interface, pedagogy in linguistics