Multilingualism: Reflecting on a Global Reality through Time, Space, Mind and Text

Students and faculty are invited to attend a series of events throughout the fall and winter sessions at UTM addressing topics on multilingualism that range from the effect of multilingualism on literary texts and one’s sociocultural identity to the issue of language teaching and learning, to language acquisition and language change.

Fall Events

September 20, 2023    L'IMAGE Comics Exhibit: Language, Identity, Multiculturalism and Global Empowerment
Prof. Ai Taniguchi (Department of Language Studies, UTM)
     MN Grand Hall; noon to 5pm
October 5, 2023    The Acquisition of 3pl Verb Markings by (Very) Advanced FSL Learners and Francophone
   Students in Ontario, Canada

   Raymond & Françoise Mougeon (Glendon College, York University)
     MN 3230 (CDRS) or via Zoom (   
November 13, 2023    Language Learning Experiences of Adult Migrants: A Comparative Study
December 8, 2023

   Multilingualism Student Research Symposium


Winter Events

January 25, 2024    Hearing Employability, Hearing Race
February 2, 2024    Multilingualism in Innu Literature
February TBD, 2024    Assessing Individual Differences in Multilinguals
March 7, 2024    Plurilingual Education in Canada
March 20, 2024    Can Language Policies Affect Language Vitality?
April 5, 2024    New Approaches to Multilingualism in the Distant Past

Details about the events will be updated as finalized.

This event series is sponsored by the Jackman Humanities Institute.