Language Citation

The University of Toronto Mississauga is an ideal place for students to pursue the study of languages. Our students live in a country that promotes multiculturalism, and our university is located in one of the world's most diverse metropolitan areas. We offer significant language opportunities in both ancient and modern languages. We also offer a variety of international academic programs and the number of such programs will expand. As our students seek further international study, work opportunities, and post-graduate study, they may be assisted by a notation on their academic record of language proficiency.

The Language Citation at the University of Toronto Mississauga is official recognition on a student's transcript that the student has progressed to an advanced level in the study of a language, and has been assessed as achieving "good" results in that study. In particular, to achieve the Language Citation, a student must complete two full courses or their equivalent beyond the first-year level of language instruction, and must achieve at least a B- in each of the courses beyond the introductory level. The two full-course equivalents may be language instruction or may be those taught in the language to be assessed.

The Language Citation will consist of a notation on the transcript that reads: "Completed Requirements of Language Citation in [name of language]." This will appear in the U of T Mississauga sessional segment of the student's academic record on the transcript describing the courses and marks for the session in which the Citation is assessed as complete.

Note that Language Citation is not a "program of study" or Subject Post, and will not satisfy the degree requirement that specifies the minimum programs of study to qualify for the degree. The citation may be of interest to those who are completing programs involving language study, but it may also be of interest to those whose academic interests lie elsewhere, but wish to have achievement in a language noted on their academic record.

Non-degree students completing language study courses will be eligible for the citation. The citation will not be assessed for students who have completed their studies and have not re-enrolled.

To be assessed for the Language Citation, students should complete the Request Form. If students already have proficiency in a language and wish to move directly to courses beyond the introductory level, they should consult the relevant department about appropriate placement. Also, students wishing to include courses taken in the country where the language is spoken should consult the relevant department about appropriate study abroad options.

The citation can be earned in any language, modern or ancient, which provides sufficient advanced training at the University of Toronto Mississauga, provided the unit offering the instruction participates in the citation. Courses taken at the University of Toronto (St. George campus) or University of Toronto Scarborough may also be eligible for assessment.

Languages offered at the University of Toronto Mississauga for which a citation may be granted (subject to change) include:













Please fill out this form: Request for Language Citation Transcript Notation