Italian Courses

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The Department of Language Studies is excited to introduce new Italian courses for an upcoming academic year!

ITA256H5 • Italian-Canadian Studies: Literature, Theatre, Cinema

(Offered in English) A portrait of Italian immigration through artistic expression in the works of, for example, De Cicco, De Michele, Patriarca, Ricci, and others, to highlight the voices that helped to establish/shape Italian-Canadian Studies. Students will have the opportunity to interact with writers, directors, and artists from the Italian-Canadian community.

ITA395H5 • Topics in Italian Studies

(Offered in English) Students will develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of key theories and practices as they relate to the central topics investigated in the course. The course may have a historic, literary, cinematic, cultural, or other focus. Students should contact the Department for the topic when course is offered. Texts will be available in Italian and English.