utmONE Scholars First-Year Seminars

utmONE Scholars Seminars - participate in a unique collaborative classroom experience in your 1st year!

What is utmONE Scholars?

The utmONE Scholars program consists of unique for-credit first-year seminar courses designed to provide a collaborative classroom experience to incoming high-achieving students interested in developing university-level research and communication skills. 

Access to the program is application based.  Students who are eligible will receive their invitation to apply on a rolling basis starting in March.  Successful applicants will be notified before first-year course enrolment opens in the Summer Term and will automatically be enrolled in their utmONE Scholars seminar.  

Invited students who are interested in exploring intellectually stimulating themes and topics while getting a head-start on their research career at UTM should apply!

The application form will be available here starting April 1, 2021.

What are the benefits of participating in utmONE Scholars?

Supportive classroom environment.  Each seminar is capped at 25 students.  You'll have one-on-one access to your instructor, and you will build strong interpersonal connections with other highly motivated and academically talented peers.

Focus on collaboration.  Experiential learning is embedded within the class meetings.  You'll collaborate on an enriching class project designed to examine multiple perspectives on the course theme while learning more about conducting multi-disciplinary research.

Strong academic foundations.  You will gain valuable academic skills including enhanced communication and writing skills, critical thinking, and university-level research skills.  You will also get to reflect on and explore your own learning goals throughout the term.

Participation in the Scholars Collective community!  Community building is an important aspect of first-year success, and can also set you up for success throughout your academic and professional career.  As part of the utmONE Scholars program new and past utmONE Scholars come together for events designed to connect you with the community and further develop your personal and academic goals outside of the classroom.

0.5 credits toward your distribution requirements.  Each utmONE Scholars seminar is one-term in length, offered in the Winter Term, and provides 0.5 credits toward your distribution requirements that you need to graduate.  Depending on the seminar, you can earn distribution credits in either Science (SCI), Social Science (SSc) or Humanities (HUM).

2021-22 utmONE Scholars Seminars

We are still finalizing our seminar offerings for the 2021-22 Academic Year.  Previous seminars have included:

UTM193: Nations Colliding (HUM, SSc)

In Canada, the U.S., Australia, Latin America, and all around the globe, Indigenous communities survive and thrive despite centuries of colonial intrusion. This course examines indigeneity in a global context, exploring the diverse, dynamic ways indigenous peoples strive to maintain political and cultural sovereignty.​

UTM194: Religion and Politics (HUM, SSc)

This course aims to engage with the current political challenges that religion in its diverse manifestations poses to secular society and political systems. This seminar will encourage students to become more thoughtful and self-critical about how society responds socially and politically to these challenges in the 21st-century.

UTM195: Curiosity and Control: Voyages of Discovery to North America (HUM, SCI)

Students will investigate how both a curiosity for novelty and a desire for control motivated the so-called "Age of Discovery" and shaped the experiences of First Nations, Africans, and Europeans in medieval and early modern North America. With a focus on how people adapted to new environments, this course will provide opportunities for students to explore historical questions with contemporary resonance from the perspectives of both science and the humanities. 

UTM196: Building Global Justice (HUM, SSc)

This course focuses on themes of social justice, global change, and conflict through the lens of multiple disciplines. Through the exploration of concepts such as class, race, gender, religion, culture, and power on a global level, students will be involved in assignments and small group activities that develop and refine key skills that contribute to student success in university courses.

UTM197: Humans in Nature (SCI, SSc)

This course will explore how humans have utilized the natural world and the impacts it has had on both the global environment and human societies. We will focus on topics such as human and natural history, conservation, sustainability, resource exploitation, domestication, GMOs, and our fascination with nature.


Please direct your questions to utm.one@utoronto.ca 


Incoming students with a CGPA of 90% and higher are invited to apply to utmONE Scholars. Invitations will be sent to the email associated with your application to UTM. We send invitations on a rolling basis starting in March.
Contact utm.one@utoronto.ca if you think you should have received an invitation to apply. Please include your UTM Applicant Number in your email so that we can look into your invitation status.
While you don’t need to have previous extensive knowledge on the theme of the utmONE Scholars seminar that you apply for, you should have an interest in learning more about the theme and a willingness to engage and explore multiple perspectives and ideas. Your application should explain why you are interested in the theme and how you feel participating will expand your growth as a student.
Yes. In the application form, you will indicate which seminar is your first choice, but you can answer the application questions for your second choice as well.
You can only take one utmONE Scholars seminar for credit. The seminars are exclusions to each other because their learning outcomes are similar.
Yes. The utmONE Scholars seminars provide 0.5 credits that can count toward the distribution requirements you need to graduate. In the course descriptions you will see HUM (Humanities), SSc (Social Science), and SCI (Science) which indicate which distribution requirements the course is applicable to.
Distribution requirements ensure that you get exposure to Humanities, Social Science and Science regardless of your program of study. In total, you will need to receive 1.0 credits in each category before you graduate. The courses you take for your distribution requirements can often be some of the most interesting courses you take because they offer a different perspective and disciplinary area than you are used to. For more information on distribution requirements visit the Office of the Registrar website.
Yes. utmONE courses and utmONE Scholars seminars are exclusions to each other. This means that you can only take one for credit.
There are no prerequisites for the utmONE Scholars seminars. Any student who receives an invitation to apply is eligible to take one of the seminars. The seminars are interdisciplinary in nature, so students who are entering any program of study can take a utmONE Scholars seminar.
Yes. LAUNCH is a great complement to utmONE Scholars. LAUNCH is a first-year mentorship program consisting of interactive sessions facilitated by successful upper-year students. LAUNCH can help you gain a sense of belonging to our campus community, get tips and advice from experienced students, and connect to resources and supports that will help you be successful. There are many sections of LAUNCH so that you can find time in your schedule to take a utmONE Scholars seminar and participate in LAUNCH. To find out more about LAUNCH visit the Centre for Student Engagement website.