ISP250H5 Queer/ing Composition

Winter 2024. ISP250H5: Queer/ing Composition. More details at Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy.

ISP250H5: Queer/ing Composition (HUM)

The 0.5 credit from this course can be used toward your Humanities (HUM) distribution requirement. This course is offered in the Winter 2024 term (January-April).

This course takes a queer studies approach to writing and rhetoric to examine the connections between composition, language, and sexual identity. Through critical readings and research into communicative practices in diverse queer communities, students will theorize and practice “queer” forms of writing that resist normative frameworks and traditional categories. The course will begin with an introduction to queer theories of writing and then apply those theories to topics that may include coded languages of persecuted communities, institutional uses of language to exert power on LGBTQ+ groups, pressures towards/resistance of linguistic assimilationism, the queering of traditional genres, and multimodal communicative strategies in queer digital spaces. Over the course of the term, students will develop a theory of queer communication within a community of their choice and compose various pieces of “queer” writing applying that theory.  

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How to Enroll in ISP250H5

Our Special Topics courses are open to students in all areas of study who have completed ISP100H5. Students can enroll themselves in this course via ACORN on their enrolment date. Search for the course code, ISP250H5.