photo of Janine Rose

Janine Rose

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy

Janine Rose has a PhD in Human Geography and Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from York University. She has published academic research and given several presentations on various topics including immigrant identities, diasporic organizations and Caribbean migration. She is currently involved in the formation of the Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy and the development of the writing across the curriculum program at the University of Toronto, Mississauga (UTM).

Prior to teaching at the UTM, Janine was a full-time Lecturing Fellow in the Thompson Writing Program at Duke University. She taught several social science and social media oriented writing courses to undergraduate students while at Duke.

Janine is currently completing research on pedagogical approaches that facilitate learning about qualitative research and writing among students whose disciplinary orientations are rooted in the physical sciences. Her current research interests also focus on understanding minority writing experiences within the academy particularly how attitudes to writing are related to gender and racial identities. Janine is very passionate about high impact pedagogical strategies that encourage learning and facilitate inclusive learning environments. These pedagogical strategies include active learning techniques that she employs quite heavily in her classrooms. She loves gallery walks and would love to chat with you about how it can be applied in your courses.

Ph.D. (Human Geography, York University)
M.A. (Environmental Studies, York University)
B.A. (History, University of the West Indies)


Current Courses
ISP100 Writing for University and Beyond