Man with beard, short hair, wearing a white shirt with a black blazer.

Christopher Eaton

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy

Chris’s journey with writing has been long and meandering. For most of his early life, it was rather contentious. It wasn’t until his undergraduate career at Wilfrid Laurier University that his passion for writing and communication flourished, thanks in large part to his work at the university Writing Centre. This affinity for writing grew when he studied rhetoric and communication design during an MA at the University of Waterloo. This part of his journey somehow led to the Faculty of Education at Western University where he completed a PhD. Here, he was able to combine his interests in Writing Studies with his desire to understand how all of this worked in a teaching and learning context.

This combination of Writing Studies and pedagogical knowledge filters directly into his work at the Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy. For Chris, Writing Studies research and teaching are inextricably linked. He is most interested in how students may join Writing Studies conversations to improve pedagogical practice. Students are central to the work that he does as a teacher and as a scholar, so it is only fitting that they have a bigger place not just as students in a classroom but also as co-constructors of knowledge about writing.

When he is not teaching, researching, or avoiding email, Chris loves to hike, trek through mountains, read, and enjoy time with friends and family. His door is always open (figuratively speaking), so please stop in and say hello.

Ph.D. (Education - Writing Studies, Western University)
M.A. (English Rhetoric and Literature, University of Waterloo)
H.B.A. (English Literature and French, Wilfrid Laurier University)


Current Courses
ISP100 Writing for University and Beyond; UTM192 Thinking Badly: Misinformation in the Information Age