Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy. Writing for University and Beyond: A Journal of First-Year Student Writing at UTM. ISP010 Basic of Writing in English. Vol. 3 No. 1

Launch of Journal Issue for ISP010: Basics of Writing in English

Malisa Zhou and Sheila Batacharya

Launched in 2019, ISP010: Basics of Writing in English (BoWiE) is a non-credit 10-week course designed to help students develop and communicate their ideas in writing and develop critical thinking skills necessary for university studies and research. While ISP010 is open to all students, most are recommended to take the program if they do not reach the threshold score on the Writing Check-In assessment delivered in the first week of ISP100: Writing for University and Beyond, a credit-bearing course required in select undergraduate programs of study at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

ISP010 was designed by Professor Laura Taylor in collaboration with faculty who have taught this course. With an emphasis on critical thinking as a core learning outcome, ISP010 focuses on critical reading and writing development strategies to encourage the development of agency in students' academic writing. The course is designed to build confidence and knowledge that transfers well to other courses and contexts. 

We are delighted to present the first ISP010 contributions to undergraduate publication at UTM, and we celebrate the authors who have demonstrated their commitment to writing development and sharing their ideas in our vibrant undergraduate research community.

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