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For a summary of committees, along with equity-based recruitment and other EDI initiatives, please see below:


The Department of Management at UTM (UTMM) is currently working with the Office of the Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean, to create an equity and anti-racism committee. More information will be shared shortly.

Equity-Based Recruitment

UTMM works extensively with HR at UTM in order to ensure that there are EDI-related interview questions that are relevant and tailored to the job opportunity.

Additional EDI Initiatives

  • Over the last 3-4 years, UTMM holds an event, which is coordinated by the PDLC (Professional Development & Learning Centre) entitled, “Business of Equity”. The event is intended for students and is part of UTMM's career certificate/professional development training module. Each event features a keynote speaker and break-out discussions, and is organized in partnership with the EDI Office at UTM.
  • In addition to this, UTMM also offers student group training for the new leadership team on EDI, in partnership with the EDI Office.
  • For social media, UTMM's Canadian Entrepreneurship campaigns on Instagram highlight Asian, Black, and Indigenous peoples who have played a profound role in shaping the Canadian business landscape during Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, and National Indigenous History Month. This campaign will continue into 2022.

Last updated August, 2022

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