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For a summary of committees, along with equity-based recruitment and other EDI initiatives, please see below:


The Department of Management at UTM (UTMM) is currently working with the Office of the Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean, to create an equity and anti-racism committee. More information will be shared shortly.

Equity-Based Recruitment

UTMM works extensively with HR at UTM in order to ensure that there are EDI-related interview questions that are relevant and tailored to the job opportunity.

Additional EDI Initiatives

  • As part of UTMM’s planning and priorities for 2023-2024, the department has included specific priorities and goals for EDI.
  • Over the last 5 years, UTMM holds an event, which is coordinated by the PDLC (Professional Development & Learning Centre) entitled, “Business of Equity”. The event is intended for students and is part of UTMM's career/professional development training module. Each event features a keynote speaker and break-out discussions, and is organized in partnership with the EDI Office at UTM.
  • UTMM’s affiliated student groups/associations (Innovative Business Association, ACE-UTM, UTM Capita, UTMM Competition Team) organize student-led EDI initiatives with the support of the Department.
  • UTMM also offers student group training for the new leadership team on EDI, in partnership with the EDI Office.
  • An intentional approach is used in planning to ensure Keynote speakers and panelists from diverse backgrounds are invited to speak at business workshops/events throughout the year.
  • In previous years, UTMM has used social media campaigns to educate and celebrate innovation and achievements in our diverse communities.  These have included:  Canadian Entrepreneurship campaigns on Instagram highlighting Asian, Black, and Indigenous peoples who have played a profound role in shaping the Canadian business landscape during Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, and National Indigenous History Month.   Campaigns such as these will continue into the upcoming academic year.
  • We partially hosted the annual black table talk event and we sponsored the UofT Women Economists Lunch in 2022
  • EDI themes are integrated into the academic curriculum.  For instance, MGT495 – Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity has a special focus on EDI in the context of Entrepreneurship and includes cases about female founders and an African-American venture capitalist. MGT 428 – Management Control – dedicates a third of the course ESG and EDI, including indigenous perspective on business with the help of UTM Indigenous Centre.
  • Faculty contributions to EDI, in teaching, research, and service, are recognized into the PTR process to encourage faculty EDI initiatives.

Last updated August 2023

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