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For a summary of committees, equity-based recruitment and additional EDI initiatives, please see below:


Political Science is an active member of the tri-campus EDI committee, and one UTM faculty member serves on the committee. 

Equity-Based Recruitment

The following is a summary of equity-based recruitment efforts:

  • All Political Science faculty members completed unconscious bias training in 2019, and there are plans to re-do this training again in 2022, once full in-person learning resumes at UTM.
  • The department also requires an EDI statement from all job applicants for faculty positions. These are reviewed and discussed by the search committee. 
  • The department has established a commitment to hiring more women and BIPOC scholars into faculty and staff positions:
    • 7 faculty members have been hired since 2019, including 3 BIPOC scholars and 4 women.
      • Political Science now has 9 female and 5 BIPOC faculty members (out of 20 in total).
      • In 2019, there were no BIPOC staff members, but now, the department has 3 BIPOC and 4 female staff members (out of 5 in total).

 Additional EDI Initiatives

  • In winter 2021, Political Science held a 3-part (90min each) workshop on 'Indigenizing the Curriculum'. 
  • The department provides honorarium funds to any instructor that wants to invite a BIPOC speaker into their undergrad classroom.
  •  The department co-created a first year course on Social Justice and Political Science that has EDI at its core. This course can be taught by any Political Science faculty member, and will be offered at least once per year.

Last updated August 2023

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