The EDIO provides consultations on: (1) human rights concerns, and (2) advice, resources, and support on equity initiatives or policy interpretation. To book a consultation, please email the EDIO at

Human Rights Concerns

The UTM's EDIO provides guidance and support to faculty, librarians, staff, and students in resolving issues that involve discrimination or harassment.    

As a part of the process, a staff member from the EDIO will meet with you to listen to your concerns, answer questions, share information about complaints processes, and discuss options with you to support working towards a resolution.  

Any UTM faculty, librarian, staff, or student is welcome to reach out to the EDIO if you feel you have experienced harassment or discrimination based on any of the protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code

To learn more, read the University of the Governing Council’s Statement on Prohibited Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment

We also provide referrals to other university offices, supports, and resources as appropriate.

EDI Advice, Resources, and Support

As part of UTM’s commitment to positive social change, the EDIO provides guidance and support to faculty, librarians, staff, and students on equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives at the UTM campus, including university policy interpretation. The EDIO provides advice and assistance on topics such as:  

  • Navigating difficult situations in the classroom 
  • Feedback on EDI assessment tools 
  • Supports for equity-deserving (marginalized) members of office or department 
  • Developing affinity groups (for members of office or department) 
  • Recruitment and retention approaches that integrate EDI principles 
  • Assisting students and employees with religious accommodations  
  • Surveys, data collection, and demographics 
  • Integrating an EDI lens into programming and events  
  • Incorporating an equity and inclusion approach to strategic priorities  
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