Multifaith E-Calendar

The 2024 Multifaith electronic calendar identifies many holy days and significant observances which is helpful when planning events and meetings dates, as well as working with students and employees on religious accommodations. Becoming familiar with various observances by community members is an important part of promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and another way to welcome and support students, staff, faculty, and librarians.

The University of Toronto’s policy on religious accommodations recognizes the wide range of backgrounds, cultural traditions, and spiritual beliefs students, staff, faculty, and librarians bring as campus community members. The policy makes every effort to accommodate students, staff, faculty and librarians who observe religious holy days.

Contact the UTM Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office if you have questions about the calendar, observances, or would like help with religious accommodation requests.

Please note that documentation from faith leaders is not required to support a religious accommodation request.

The Mississauga campus has various spiritual and faith spaces available around campus for use such as quiet reflection, meditation, prayer, or relaxation. These locations can also be found on the UTM Interactive Campus Map under 'Student Spaces'.


Multifaith calendar 2024 cover: Reclaiming Our Happiness with drawing of smiling young child with butterfly on right hand finger tips..





fall foliage at U of T campus

Compassion and care in difficult times